Looking for admins for ZOWIE Challenges

Posted 7 years ago by tomahawk

Are you an individual who is passionate about gaming and knows how tournaments should be run and would like to give something back for the gaming community? Well keep on reading, you might be what we are looking for.

We here at Excello are looking into offering more tournaments for people to play in and we also want to expand the collection of game titles. At the moment we have a wonderful staff running and taking care of tournaments for games like Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Team Fortress 2 and we want to expand.

In the past we have run successful tournaments for Counter Strike 1.6 and League of Legends and we would like to re-start these game titles. Additionally, we are keen on starting tournaments for such game titles as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, StarCraft 2, DotA 2 and Shootmania. Our goal is to run atleast one tournament each week sponsored by our loyal partner ZOWIE GEAR.

It doesn't really matter what your nationality is (or what you zip code says) but we have staff all over Europe and main language for communication is English. As an admin under the Excello flag you naturally represent us and we are looking for someone mature. The truth is we can't pay you with currency but for your hard work we will reward you with hardware from our sponsors.

Send your application entitled as "I'm your guy" to tournament@excello.net with the following info.

- Full name
- Nick
- Age
- Location
- Game title you would like to run tournaments on
- Know-how of the scene in question
- eSports history
- Hours per week you can spend for this position (no one is available all the time)


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Nice. Will give a shot! GL to all applicants though :)

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7 years ago


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